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Levelling up: the classroom tech for all learners

Updated: Mar 21

One of the biggest challenges for many students over the past year or so has been in adapting their own learning skills and styles.

It’s why it’s been great to see the work that Glean (formerly known as Sonocent) is doing to enable more inclusive learning technologies.

The rebrand is really important as it commits to making improvements to how students learn when the sector has been changing so much and so quickly.

I’ve always loved the company’s approach to tech for good and the tools they have provided for students with disabilities. It’s used in so many universities across the UK and in over 450 colleges across the US including some of the world’s most prestigious Ivy League institutions including Cornell, Harvard, Brown, and Columbia. The company currently helps hundreds of thousands of students with disabilities to meet their learning potential across the US, UK and Australia.

Image from Glean

The results of Glean have been great in the past 18 months since its launch; improving student success, increased academic results and most importantly, reducing anxiety. It is really about supporting students of all abilities with inclusive and accessible learning solutions. Accessibility is key and I often make the point that accessing technology needs to be easy, so it is a huge bonus to see the technology available to be accessed at any time, and on any device.

Throughout the pandemic, 85% of students have seen a reduction in attainment throughout the shift in teaching style. This needs urgent action. I’m really thankful then that Glean is taking action in this area. As Dave Tucker, CEO and Co-Founder at Glean, said: “For many years our goal has been to improve the learning of over a million students. To do that we always knew we needed to reach a broader range of learners than just those with disabilities. This is why we created Glean, our web-based note taking platform. We took all the lessons learned over the previous decade to create an inclusive note taking tool, designed to improve learning from class."

There's lots more on supporting learning here. Enjoy!

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